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Proud to present the Undercover Group

30 years in perfetion


Our world is dominated by images and impressions. Undercover is working on making it even more beautiful every day. Whether in desktop publishing, retouching & composing, CGI or digital photography - renowned companies, agencies and photographers rely on our eyes. We always work with passion and are passionate about every project. In addition to image editing and advertising, we also handle the entire prepress process for UC Digital & Print Media. Since both companies are located in the same building, agreements can be made at any time. If the customer or we should notice an error, extensive processing of files is immediately and professionally possible. Almost 80% of the print documents we process or produce are not printed in-house. For you, therefore, despite the digital creation of your order, the further production is completely open. Of course we will help you to find a suitable partner. 

Do you have very old documents or copies and want to use them digitally? Then we are also there for you. Through a special scanning process or also with digital photography, your documents will be made available digitally. With a following retouching of the pictures, the good pieces are durable for the next 100 years.



Digital & Print Media

Printing is our passion, which is reflected in our products. Our customers are close to our hearts, which is why we compile your printed products individually for you and always to your complete satisfaction.

Our young and qualified team is at your side with words and deeds. We mainly print on the HP Indigo Press 5000 and Xerox IGen 4 presses and in the near future our customers will be able to look forward to the new HP Indigo Press 7900, which will also feature a white, silver and coating inking unit. But until then, the presses will continue to run day and night for our customers to complete each product on time. In general, we are able to print almost anything from 80 g/m² to 400 g/m² and from A4 to oversize 364x660 mm.

In addition, we have all the usual processing machines in-house so that we can produce the majority of the orders ourselves. For everything else, we have selected partners and suppliers who can offer an infinite pool of finishes without compromising quality.


We are looking forward to welcoming you soon to our sacred halls of digital printing.

Our customers

We are proud to name many well-known companies as our customers. We combine many years of cooperation with a lot of trust and mutual respect for each other's work. Every year, the list of those we are allowed to call our customers grows. Here you see only a small part of the customer list from 2018 to give you a small overview. But whether you are a one-man business or a large corporation, we treat everyone the same. Our products always have 100% top quality for every customer and every edition.


Our customers know what they have in us. Now it is time for you to find out what we are made of. 

More Inforamtion? Contact us.

There is no wrong question.

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