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HP Indigo

We have a long-standing relationship with HP in the field of production. Since the beginning of digital printing, there has always been a HP printing machine in our halls.


In the course of progress, we had to

more and more capacity to handle large-volume orders. After Xerox also produced large-format printers at high speed, the company was one of the first to start the new generation of machines.


For small editions or printing envelopes for mailings, RICOH was chosen early on. The number of printers was also increased in the administration area, so that all the sheets printed in the office come from RICOH machines.


There is not much more to say about the cutting machine. Polar shows itself with perfection and experience and for us it is the best option that has never been questioned for more than 30 years.


For everything that comes after the printing, the professionals of FKS graphic machines support us. Convincing with outstanding service and unbeatable quality of the machines sold.


When it comes to digital proofs and digital accuracy, we rely on our neighbourhood partner. With gmg, we have definitely made the right decision.


In order to be able to follow the digitalization and automation, we consciously decided for Keyline. With the Open Source program, we can now control everything from anywhere and inform our customers about it. This means that almost all PCs in production have been replaced by tablets.

Chris Fels

In order to keep our production running, we are dependent on having healthy and sporty employees. For this reason, we work together with personal trainer Chris Fels, who supports us in keeping our employees mobile and fit.

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