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Welcome to the Stuttgart trade fair!

We look forward to welcoming you to Messe Stuttgart in the near future and wish you successful days at the fair.

But we wouldn't be undercover if we couldn't offer you extraordinary added value.

We are happy to take over the logistics of your print products in advance and during this time and deliver directly to your place.
Through our Same Day delivery we can also print and deliver spontaneously forgotten or out of stock printed products.
Messe Stuttgart is located in the district of Echterdingen, which gives us and you the advantage of being there in 5 minutes.
We are also happy to take over the entire printing of your required products and work out a tailor-made solution.

A trade fair always involves an immense logistical effort, which we at Undercover are happy to support and take over part of. There is no other place where so much print advertising is needed and distributed as at a trade fair.


To make the whole thing as convenient as possible, we are happy to print and deliver your printed materials directly to your stand. Our production is located around 500 metres from the exhibition halls and thus offers punctual and reliable delivery accuracy.


And should you still forget something or should your stocks run out, we have stored your print data in our database and can therefore provide remedy as quickly as possible.

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