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High Quality Printing

Basically we only print digitally in our house. This means for you that we are the perfect partner when it comes to personalisation. We print in large runs in A4 formats up to XXl format 66 x 34 cm. For us, quality will always be in the foreground and so will of course the personnel and the material. We print almost everything on HP Indigo and Xerox IGen machines. Large formats are printed by us in smaller runs from the roll. But it is only our employees who contribute to making your products really perfect through high qualifications and constant training. From mailings to personalised beverage cans, we make almost everything possible.


Process Optimization



In cooperation with our customers and other service providers, we clarify in advance what exactly is desired and how it can be implemented with a perfect result.


Our in-house specialists, including graphic designers, media designers and printers, deal with the project and plan the implementation from the development of an idea to shipping and punctual arrival at the destination.


After extensive planning it finally goes into production. Our digital printing machines run day and night so that our customers can receive their goods directly in the morning. Through a constant quality management perfection on paper can be guaranteed.

The Best you can get

Xerox IGen

With the IGen 4 XXL from Xerox it is possible for us to print digitally up to a format of Din A 4 to 660 x 364 mm and a paper thickness of 80 g/m² to 400 g/m². With an average speed of 1500 4/4c sheets per hour, even larger print runs are child's play. In addition, a wide range of paper grades can be selected to give the product high quality in combination with professional printing.

HP Indigo

An HP Indigo is still the flagship digital press today. This press convinces every customer with its outstanding quality.

Up to 2000 sheets per hour can also be used to print larger mailings or control wristbands from Tyvek. Other special plastic materials can also be finished here without any problems.

Further processing

Basically, we process the majority of our printed products ourselves in-house. But we also leave special processing and finishing to the specialists. We work exclusively with partners from the region, whom we have known and appreciated for many years. Only if we are one hundred percent convinced of the quality and reliability, can a cooperation come into being.

Depending on the processing, the production and delivery time varies.





In addition to the stitching and varnishing machine, the basement also houses part of the paper warehouse, where there is always enough standard material available to handle even urgent orders without any problems. 


In addition to all the impressive machines in our company, it is above all important to pay attention to those who bring them to life in the first place. Because even the best printing press in the world without its printer is just a bunch of countless individual parts.

We therefore attach great importance to highly qualified personnel and continuous training in order to ensure that we can adapt to constantly evolving requirements.


And then there are those who, with pure dexterity, produce extremely beautiful, unique and perfect products that no machine in the world can produce.

Your Contact Person
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Jannik Gießler, Head of 
Exhibiton Print

More Information? Contact us.

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