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The world of Print .
What we do

Our company focuses exclusively on personalized digital printing, digital processing and the creation of products

in the field of marketing.

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Same Day Delivery

With constantly growing requirements as a service provider, we are always anxious to develop ourselves further and to offer our customers what really matters. To ensure that you get what you need just in time, we offer a comprehensive service on the same day.


Benefit from our Same Day program and you will be able to more flexible than ever before.

For exhibitors

Sie streben eine Karriere im Bereich Digital & Print Media

oder in der Entwicklung von zukunftsfähiger Elektronik (printed Electronics) an ?

Für alle Visionäre der Digitalisierten Zukunft sind wir der richtige Partner.   

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbung !

Entdecken Sie was die Undercover als Arbeitgeber so besonders macht.

Creative Professional
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It is of great interest for us and of course for you to know what we can change and improve.

We are therefore in a constant exchange with our customers. But since not everyone can always have time and desire to listen to our totally exciting questions and then answer them, we have set up our mailbox here, which you can easily fill at any time with your concerns, suggestions and complaints. 


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